Inpost Lockers Always Full (2023)

1. Anyone struggling with InPost lockers? - Mumsnet

  • Sep 15, 2022 · Yep, same here been to 4 lockers every day for a week and always full, it's a nightmare. I've turned InPost off as an option now as it's so ...

  • I've just discovered Vinted and am selling anything not nailed down. I don't have a printer so have just started using the InPost service where you dr...

Anyone struggling with InPost lockers? - Mumsnet

2. Inpost no longer showing locker availability - use... - eBay Community

  • Every time I walk past an Inpost locker I click to send an item out of curiousity, and they are always full now. Glad I am not wasting my time on it. Back ...

  • Just a heads up for anyone using Inpost... previously until a few days ago, you could see if the small/medium/large lockers at any given Inpost locker were available, nearly full or totally full.     But now it just says "usually spaces available" or "usually limited availability".  So that's comple...

Inpost no longer showing locker availability - use... - eBay Community

3. What is storage in a Parcel Locker? - InPost

  • It will stay there for 1 full calendar day - if you do not collect it, it will be moved to the originally selected Parcel Locker. The maximum distance between ...

  • If there is no room in the Parcel Locker of your choice, the courier places your parcel in a temporary Parcel Locker, where there are free lockers.

What is storage in a Parcel Locker? - InPost

4. InPost Help

  • Once your parcel has been delivered to your locker, we'll send you your collection code and instructions via email and text. Keep an eye out for this, as you ...

  • Looking for InPost customer service? Check out our handy FAQs to see if we've got the answer you're looking for

InPost Help

5. Anyone else having issues with the InPost Locker at Tesco being ...

  • Sick of having to call InPost first, wait on hold for 15 minutes for them to say it's full literally straight after it's meant to be emptied!. Apparently, ...

  • Facebook वर पोस्ट, फोटो आणि अधिक पहा.

6. Evri no longer accepting labels from InPost - Charged Retail

  • Jul 18, 2022 · Lockers are always full…when do they get emptied?? They need to be ... An inpost label can only be dropped off at a inpost locker but Evri label ...

  • Retailers operating an Evri parcel service will no longer be permitted to accept labels from its shipping partner InPost. 

Evri no longer accepting labels from InPost - Charged Retail

7. Send, return and collect with Evri parcel Lockers

  • When your parcel arrives, you can collect it at any time over the next 3 days. We'll send you a code to enter at the Locker, which will unlock the door to your ...

  • Use Evri parcel Lockers to send, collect and return your parcels quickly and easily. Find out how to use Lockers for all your parcel needs.

8. In-post lockers - MoneySavingExpert Forum

  • Aug 13, 2014 · ... FULL no lockers available , so try again this afternoon FULL another wasted trip ... Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can ...

  • Hi all.

In-post lockers - MoneySavingExpert Forum


What do I do if all InPost lockers are full? ›

What do I do if the lockers are full? As the QR code can be used at any locker, you can choose to visit another locker nearby or alternatively return later. You can also contact InPost on 0330 335 0950 and they can provide a status on the locker - please note that this may change by the time you visit the locker.

How long do InPost lockers stay full? ›

InPost lockers get emptied regularly, Monday-Saturday. So your parcel will be collected from your locker within the next working day and delivered within 24 hours.

What happens if a parcel doesn't fit in an InPost locker? ›

The first locker door that opens will always be the smallest available. If your parcel is too big for this Locker box and you are using an InPost Locker, click “too small” on the terminal. A bigger Locker box will open.

What is the weight limit for InPost lockers? ›

Parcel Locker shipment

Size A - maximum dimensions 8 × 38 × 64 cm, maximum weight: 25 kg. Size B - maximum dimensions 19 × 38 × 64 cm, maximum weight: 25 kg. Size C - maximum dimensions 41 × 38 × 64 cm, maximum weight: 25 kg.

Do InPost lockers get emptied every day? ›

Parcels are collected from InPost Lockers Monday to Saturday.

How do I extend my InPost locker? ›

How to extend the pick-up deadline in the InPost Mobile app? A yellow Extend button will appear in parcel details and in the parcel tracking list in the mobile app when there is less than 12 h left until the pick-up deadline (or 24 h for PUDO points with limited opening hours).

Can you put multiple parcels in one InPost locker? ›

No – when dropping off a parcel at an InPost Locker, each parcel must have its own unique label and be put in separate locker compartments to avoid your parcel going missing.

How much does it cost to use InPost locker? ›

What are InPost parcel prices and sizes for UK Lockers
Locker sizeDimension limitsPrice
Small8 × 38 × 64 cm Up to 15 kg£2.99
Medium19 × 38 × 64 cm Up to 15 kg£3.99
Large41 × 38 × 64 cm Up to 15 kg£4.99

Can I open InPost locker again? ›

If you are still at the Parcel Locker and it has not been 15 minutes since you've picked up your shipments, you can reopen your locker using the same pick-up code.

How do I know what size InPost locker I need? ›

Small: 8cm x 38 cm x 64 cm. Medium: 19cm x 38cm x 64cm. Large: 41cm x 38cm x 64cm.

Why did my parcel not go to my Parcel Locker? ›

There can be different reasons why your parcel was not delivered to a Parcel Locker: The Parcel Locker was full or out of order due to a technical breakdown. Your parcel was too heavy or too large for delivery to a Parcel Locker.

Do I need to print anything for InPost locker? ›

For parcels heading to an InPost locker or shop, you've got two options. You can select a printable label (which you'll need to print at home and attach to the parcel) or a digital label (which is a QR code that you scan at the locker – then all you need to do is pop the parcel inside and leave the label to us).

Do DHL use InPost lockers? ›

Becoming more and more popular, we thought we would help explain DHL's newest service, Inpost Lockers. We have had a few recipients use these now and this service is basically all about convenience!

Do InPost lockers have cameras? ›

Security: All InPost lockers are robust, with LED lighting and 3 CCTV cameras.

Are InPost lockers safe? ›

Find an InPost Locker

All lockers are situated in well-lit locations for your safety. Furthermore, the accessible lockers are easy to use, featuring a touch display screen and a QR code scanner that permits parcel collection in less than 10 seconds.

How do I contact InPost lockers? ›

Please stay in front of the locker and call the Helpline number: 02.38582894. Our Support Service will unlock a new compartment for you and provide the instructions you need to complete the operation smoothly. Which are the maximum parcels' dimension I can send with InPost?

Can you put two parcels in the same InPost locker? ›

No – when dropping off a parcel at an InPost Locker, each parcel must have its own unique label and be put in separate locker compartments to avoid your parcel going missing.

Can you send from one InPost locker to another? ›

You'll receive a drop-off code that will allow you to open and deposit your parcel in the InPost locker. InPost's courier partner, Yodel, will then collect the parcel and deliver it, either to another InPost locker near to your recipient or directly to their home.


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